Bring Joy to the Neediest Children in Jacksonville

Bright Holidays' mission is to help improve the lives of underprivileged students and their families in the greater Jacksonville area during the holiday season.

Quick Facts about Bright Holidays

Quick Facts About Bright Holidays

Serving Family Needs Since 2005

Bright Holidays has been a 501(3)(c) since 2005, and has served more than 1000 kids per year for the last several years.

Principals & Teachers Identify Needs

Bright Holidays focuses on children most in need. To do this, school principals and faculty help identify the families in need, obtain parental permission, gather children's clothing sizes, and help facilitate delivery of gifts to the families.

98% of Donations Spent on Gifts

Donations come mostly from individuals but also include a few corporate donors. A $100 donation supports one child's gift bag. The gifts are valued at approximately $125 as Bright Holidays buys in bulk and from big-hearted retailers.

45 Local School Partners

Bright Holidays partners with approximately 45 schools in Duval and St. John's County. The need is great, and more schools can be added with additional funding.

Volunteer Led / No Salaries

We are thankful for 100's of shopping and sorting volunteers; and the Bright Holidays Faculty Reps from our school partners.

Needs and Toys at Christmas Time

Bright Holiday's provides 9 new items to ALL children within the family. They include a shirt, jacket, pants, underwear, shoes, socks, sleeping bag, book, and toy. Parents also receive a grocery store gift card.

Bight Holidays Schools in Jacksonville

Schools Supported in Jacksonville

Currently, Bright Holidays supports students at over forty Jacksonville schools in Duval and St. John's County. The Board of Directors anticipates that this list of schools will change over time based on the success of fund-raising efforts and the identification of those in need.

Gifts for kids in Jacksonville

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